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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  March 18, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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combing creek beds and other areas for a missing bay area teenager, what the girl's cell phone reveals. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. today her cell phone was found but sierra lamar is still missing. new information on a story we've been following all weekend. debra villalon is live where the search has now expanded.
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>> reporter: students here at washington high will be notified about sierra's disappearance tomorrow not because she went to this school but because she used to. >> sierra has a lot of friends down there that she still keeps in contact with. >> reporter: tierra lamar looks at this picture and couldn't see a run away -- and doesn't see a run away. >> she is always in contact, keeps ebb in the loop. >> reporter: but sierra went missing. all weekend search teams have been combing the creek beds and fields in the area. >> i've lived here for 43 years and never heard of anybody getting stolen or anything. >> reporter: neighbors don't know what to think with no evidence of an abduction but no
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explanation either. >> our hearts go out to the family. i have a 13-year-old daughter too, we wouldn't want her to go missing. >> reporter: friends from both schools have been circulating her picture. these former classmates say sierra missed fremont but was doing fine. >> like i hung out with her last week. she was happy and you know she celebrated my birthday with me and we were all having fun. she's full of energy, yeah. >> we don't understand what's going on. it doesn't make sense. >> the family's confusion and worry intensified today with the discovery of sierra's cell phone. tracked by its electronic ping found in a field a few miles from home alongside a road as if it had been tossed from a car. >> we're hoping you know, we're hoping that she's alive and that's the most important thing right now. >> reporter: invest --
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investigators told me just minutes ago the air and ground search is done. investigators are going to turn to interviewing friends. ktvu channel 2 news. in gilroy police have suspended the search for a woman missing since tuesday and believed to have been killed by her son. yesterday a search crew and volunteers of family and friends looked for 52-year-old martha gutierrez. >> the day long search came up empty. investigators believe gutierrez' 21-year-old son killed her before killing his sister and then himself. a body was found and the
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coroner says it was that of -- a community meeting has been called after two recent shootings. the latest happened after two men were killed. a few days later three more men were wounded. the meeting is said to start at 7:00 tomorrow night at the berkeley youth's alternative gymnasium. this morning stormy weather had people dodging hailstorms. this video was taken -- the hailstones were beginning to accumulate there on the street as well as the ground. the storm also brought snow to mount hamilton and santa clara county. we should mention that the land around the observatory is closed to the public. so going on the property to perhaps play in the snow is
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considered trespassing. in petaluma stormy weather caused this tree to snap. it happened right next to a playground as you can see here from these pictures but no one was lucky in the mark when that tree fell. the blustery and cold weather was more pronounced at the coast. the powerful wind swept waves in pacifica. waves reported at 10 to 15 feet hit people observing. >> the pier isn't closed and i don't know why. >> reporter: by 10:00 this
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morning it was closed. >> reporter: to the north the wind was moving large drifts of sand. a portion of the great highway was shut down as city crews cleared sand that was blocking city lanes. there's not much people as you can see getting blasted at ocean beach. by mid-afternoon, the wind was as strong as ever. we saw no one on a surfboard around noon but we did see one lone kite surfer seen to be joined by stephano from italy. >> he says faster than ideal even for some thrill seekers. >> today is a little threatening. so you go out with the smallest kites you have. >> reporter: the u.s. advisory expired at 3:00. it's expected the wind will diminish over the next week. ktvu channel 2 news, ken pritchett.
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in the satellite this is the cold unstable weather pattern producing the showers and very cold temperatures back down in the lower 50s. of course the wind top of the bay area headlines today. winds out of the west and northwest. some of the gusts throughout the day today, point rays look at that. 58miles per hour at sfo35 miles per hour earlier this morning and san jose right around 32 miles per hour. winds have been backing off over the last few hours. gradually you can see the latest. still a bit of a breeze out toward the hayward area sustained out of the west at 18 miles per hour. the weather pattern continues to change right now. coming up projected the wind speeds for tomorrow and when rain chances could be added in our five day forecast. neighbors are keeping a sharp eye on a massive mud slide that closed the local roads. heavy rain losened the hillside
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in the community of new castle. residents hope though that slide doesn't get any worse or damages their home or brings down near by trees or power lines. in the sierra, resort operators are celebrating the latest snowfall. a winter advisory expired several hours ago but at last check chain requirements were still in effect on interstate 80 and highway 50. the storm that hit the bay area yesterday caused problems in the south land today. a small plane at compton airport was flipped over by gusty winds. the airplane was on the runway when the incident occurred. the pilot was not injured. >> sailor today spotted another great whale in san francisco's
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bay. marine biologists say it's not unusual for whales to swim into the bay on their way between mexico and alaska. experts won't say where the latest whale was seen because they want to keep curious boaters away. the áf -- boaters will be fined $20,000 for getting too close to the mammals. the fighting follows a car bombing today near a government security building in aleppo. the blast went off in a residential area that's home to christians and armenians. twin bombings killed 27 people yesterday. one man described the carnage. >> a whole family died in this house. a woman and her four small children. almost nothing was left of them. they were completely incinerated, only fingers and toes were left. the assad regime blames
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those bombings on so called terrorists. while the opposition says it was the assad regime. opposition leaders offered up the video as proof of the government's brutal crack down on parts of the country. thousands took to the streets in cities all across syria and the start of the anti assad uprising. since then an estimated 8,000 people have been killed. christien kafton was at a rally today in san francisco calling for an end to that bloodshed. >> free, free syria. >> reporter: syrians and syrian americans spoke out in san francisco's union square today. something they say can't be done in their homeland. >> after the beginning of this uprising, enough is enough. >> reporter: jandali says today the group is marking the first anniversary of the beginning of the uprising against president assad. >> first the father, now the
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son. no freedoms, marshal law: torture, jailings. for the first time people have been able to come out and say the word freedom. >> reporter: international observers say at least 8,000 been killed in syria in the last year. alchami says his uncle was one of those killed. >> he got a shot in the heart and one in the shoulder. >> reporter: today's demonstration in san francisco and others across the country will raise attention. >> making it clear that in the interest of the united states and of all freedom loving countries to speak out about atrocities and genocides. >> reporter: they will meet at a dinner and have a discussion about where to go from here.
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new at 10:00 tonight a dog attack in san francisco is prompting community action. ktvu's patti lee is here to tell us a dog was killed, the owner mauled, patti. >> reporter: we're live, and as you can see fliers like these are everywhere. they warn of a dog that likely lives in this area but hasn't been seen since the attack. her fingers still covered in bandageless. kim ferguson puts up signs and talks to everyone she can. to warn them ability the dog in this picture. a 50-pound mattiff that mauled her and killed her dog dijon. >> she got a hold of her neck
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and shook him around. >> reporter: ferguson says she snapped this shot after she figured she was not going to leave with her dog and not help them. >> i've talked to dozens and dozens of people. i showed them pictures of the dog and of the lady. >> reporter: denny says she has almost enough leads to sigh the owner but it'll be better if all involved if the owner just stepped up -- leads to find the owner. >> to lose your dog any way, a companion is hard but such a horrible way. >> reporter: the attack has become a neighborhood concern and many have volunteered to help ferguson hand out her fliers. >> somebody else is going to get hurt, worse than a dog
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being killed and me being attacked, i just -- something needs to be done. >> reporter: ferguson says she's channeling her grief because she needs to make some sense of what happened and ensure that no one else goes through what she has endured. live in san francisco, patti lee. oakland police are looking for two men involved in a frightening downtown sexual assault. it happened just a block from city hall near 14th street and broadway around 1:00 this morning. police say the men grabbed the victim from behind, led her to a secluded area where she was sexually assaulted. one attacker had a gun. some oakland residents say that level of violence there is surprising. >> it's not normal, down here i can honestly say it's not normal. and i don't know sometimes it makes me think like okay, since that happened, it can happen to somebody else. >> police sent out a media advisory asking for help in warning the public. the suspects are described as two african american men 18 to
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25 years old wearing black shaoded sweatshirts -- black hooded sweatshirts. one had a distinctively low voice and had a handgun. the vallejo city unified school district needs to cut $6.1 million from its budget in case a tax initiative fails in november. the school board is considering eliminating busing to elementary schools and laying off school psychologists, academic coaches and other staff. the school board meeting is said to start at 5:00 p.m. at the district offices in walnut aver. the nation's high school graduation rate rose slightly in the last decade. a new report shows graduation rates rose 3-1/2% between 2001 and 2009. california reported a 2009 graduation rate of about 68%. that's actually a drop of 1.7%.
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wisconsin is the only state to hit the group's 90% benchmark while only 56% of students in nevada graduate. also on the rise, prices at the pump. according to aaa the new national average for a gallon of regular reached $3.83 a gallon. that's up 7-cents just in the past week. here in the bay area prices are up 51-cents in the past month to an average of $4.41 a gallon. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney won an overwhelming victory today with the puerto rican primary. the former massachusetts governor had 83% of the vote. rick santorum had 8%, gingrich 2% and ron paul 1%. the big prize this week is illinois and mitt romney's lead in the polls there has been shrinking.
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today both he and rick santorum knocked each other for being too much like president obama. >> santorum has the same background as the president. right now we need somebody that understands the economy fundamentally. senator santorum has the same economic lightweight the president does. >> romney has been lightning lights his business background which santorum sneered at today saying romney wants to be the ceo of america. >> we don't want somebody in washington, d.c. to manage the economy we want someone to get washington out of our lives, get rid of things like romney here at the federal level which we call obama care and do some things to get the economy going. >> reporter: santorum focused on personal stories explaining why he's against abortion. he will campaign ahead of tuesday's campaign there. california secretary of state has selected the ballot order for the june 5th republican primary and the
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former house speaker is on top. four major republican presidential candidates for the mayor republican presidential candidates. the list will follow like this, newt gingrich, mitt romney, santorum and ron paul. >> some candidates might want to have their name be at the top of the ballot so that their name is the first name that voters see. >> and last week's lottery, staff members pulled letters out alphabet one at a time. staff sergeant robert bayle the american soldier being held for the killings of 16 afghanistan civilians is being held in a military prison. this is not bayle's first brush
11:51 pm
with the law. army staff sergeant bayles and wife caroline bought a house for $600,000. but a week before he was accused, she asked a realtor to place that home on sale for $230,000. and this is not the first time they had lost a home. bayle was arrested for assaulting a girlfriend but he pled not guilty. had that charge dismissed. he was also charged with hit- and-run after he apparently
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fell asleep at the wheel. that charge was dismissed as well. fast forward to last year, bayle was denied a promotion to sergeant first class which we know was a major disappoint from his wife's blog which is also full of posts detailing the life of a very lonely wife who had just given birth. bob left for iraq this morning, quincy slept in our bed last night. sergeant bayles is locked up where he is expected to meet with his lawyer tomorrow. in washington, peter doocy, fox news. trouble in south america, why executives from bay area based chevron were ordered to turn over their passports. also a st. patrick's day celebration gets way out of hand. the damage done during a riot. the storm clouds are moving out of town but
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in brazil executives from san ramon based chevron and drilling company transocean are being told to turn in their passports because criminal charges are pending against them in connection with a big oil spill. last november about 3,000- barrels of oil leaked from an offshore oil field. chevron says it shut down operations at the field this weekend. prosecutors say they plan to file charges in connection with the crimes against the 17 executives early next week. in other news of the world tonight from north korea, yang says it intends to launch a satellite this coming april despite protests. the launch will allow north
11:56 pm
korea to test the latest version of a missile with a range that may be able to deliver a war head as far as hawaii. just weeks ago, yang agreed to suspend long range missile tests and made over concessions in exchange for food ate -- food aid from the united states. a group accused the teacher of christian profittizing. the t áf yemen has seen an -- yemen has seen an increase of al-qaida based attacks. they are in mourning tonight in the south pacific nation of tofga. king george tupou v died today. he was 63. according to media the king had a liver transplant last year
11:57 pm
and suffered other problems. king tupou is credited with bringing forward democratic reform. police in london ontario say about 1,000 people rioted saturday night lighting fires and throwing things at officers. a tv news van was set on fire. damage is estimated at $1,000. police are reviewing video in hopes of making more arrests. actor clooney rallied today to stop sudan's government cleansing. >> it's a program of fear. they kill people, one village we were in there were 34 people killed in the last two months. it's a small village. so they're killing people but more than that. they're keeping them hiding in the rocks, in the in the caves
11:58 pm
so that they can't farm. >> reporter: clooney was arrested thursday in washington, d.c. clooney says he's just trying to make the issue more visible and says he has no interest in running for office. san francisco sheriff is said to learn his fate tomorrow. what you can expect to happen in the san francisc
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12:00 am
it is back to court tomorrow for san francisco's embattle sheriff. ross mirkarimi will be sentenced but that does not mean his problems are behind him. >> reporter: he took a plea deal of false imprisonment.
12:01 am
but in the eve of sheriff ross mirkarimi's guilty plea, there's speculation. >> gascon is making a big deal out of nothing because the law has been very clear. there's a u.s. people court case that says someone can plea guilty to a crime and still at the same time say i really didn't do it. >> reporter: the judge tomorrow will simply make sure the sheriff isn't coerced or isn't under the influence during his plea. >> this is a bit of gascon's background. he hasn't been a prosecutor for a long time. he's been a police chief. >> reporter: mayor lee says says he will be watching closely to decide whether he
12:02 am
will keep the sheriff in office. >> sheriff mirkarimi is said to be sentenced here tomorrow. the district attorney will hold a news conference right after that sentencing. it remains to be seen if he will discuss his concerns about the the plea deal at that time. lorraine blanco, ktvu news. he is expected to receive three years probation, have to perform 100 hours of community service, pay a $400 fine plus fees. take domestic violence classes as well as attend family counseling. it is a hotly debated question in parental circles. is it better to feed a baby on a schedule or when a baby demands food. a new british study finds that babies that are fed when they are hungry achieve higher iq
12:03 am
test scores. the researchers say the áf the difference is four or five points -- the difference is four or five points. new government figures show teen unemployment rates in the united states for the past three years have been above 20%. some experts worry what affect that will have on young people who are fighting to land that first job. >> you have teens that have grown discouraged so maybe they've stopped looking for work or decided to do something else because they couldn't find a job. teen unemployment figures are even bleaker for latinos. an african americans with a jobless rate of 35%. a new look at the economic recovery shows that jobs are returning but there's still a long way to go for the bay area
12:04 am
before it returns to it's. there are two thundershower -- 2,000 fewer people in the work force. san francisco based wells fargo now has the latest market cap value of any western bank. wells fargo stock is worth more than the biggest banks in europe and america. the bank will celebrate its 160th birthday tomorrow with its chief financial officer ringing the closer bell on wall street. the profit margin for apple's new i pad appears to be shrinking. it was an i pad with
12:05 am
32gygabites. it costs $29 more than the i pad two which sold for the same price. the higher costs are due to the higher deaf nation screen and larger battery. apple's over all profits are not hurting. they have been discussing what to do with $98 billion in cash and many believe the board will create a stock dividend. arrests in new york city marked six months since the occupy movement first began. dozens of protesters who launched the wall street protest returned to the park yesterday. police say the demonstrators were chanting and holding various get togethers and that officers moved in when some of them began breaking park rules including setting up tents.
12:06 am
many people left the park but more than 70 people were arrested. three rival stadium companies will have one last chance to sell themselves this week and their bids for oakland's odot coliseum. sports and entertainment company s & g, global spectrum and a & g will present their qualifications to the coliseum joint powers authoritursday. the meeting will include the five members of the sub committee but will be closed to the public and other commissioners. the alex smith sweepstakes. which team the 49er quarterback [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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well it finally feels like winter for the last weekend of winter. of course we had the clouds and showers, some blustery winds and below snow levels here in the bay area. still some snow accumulating here in the bay area. right now as you can see on live storm tracker 2. we still have chain controls on 50 and interstate 80. as we come home take a look at the local radar. thins begining to quiet down, a little bit of activity north of boulder creek. wind speeds also begining to back off as well. we have a bit of a breeze in the bay with winds gusting to 18-miles an hour. has been quiet a week, last week at this time we were advertising the major rainfall approaching the bay area. and some significant accumulation across parts of region. take a look from last month all
12:10 am
the way to today. kenfield over 11-inches. san francisco nearly 10-inches, the south bay not picking up much for san jose or morgan hill with the reading below 1 inch. forecast headlines for tonight, partly cloudy and cool and breezy. spring officially begins tomorrow at 10:44 p.m. and the extended forecast partly cloudy skies and temperatures to come up just a little bit. tomorrow morning definitely bundle up out there. we could have patchy frost. san francisco at 41, and san jose in the upper 30s. all the unsettled weather pattern is beginning to move off to the east. we have a change in the over all weather pattern. there is a weather system to our north which will bring in a few extra clouds. wind speeds back off quite a bit. in fact, that process has started so winds around 10, possibly 15 miles per hour. you will notice that change
12:11 am
though for tomorrow. by tuesday this weak system approaches. likely up in the north bay primarily for tuesday morning and a chance elsewhere. our cloud and rainfall model showing you increasing clouds for tomorrow afternoon. by monday night maybe a few sprinkles approaching the region. here's the shower chance. but the afternoon hours skies becoming partly cloudy. san jose tops out right around 60 and morgan hill 61. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast and this week is much different than last week. a few showers on tuesday. partly cloudy on wednesday. and with your weekend always in view we could be adding shower chances for saturday and into sunday. heather and ken we need the rainfall but we also need the breaks. that'll be happening over the next few days. >> spring showers down the road. >> spring showers, definitely.
12:12 am
>> thank you mark. the sweet 16 is set in the men's ncaa tournament. we'll tell you who's in and who's out. >> also the plot thickens. alex smith might be on the move alex smith might be on the move an (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪
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on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. good evening everyone and thanks for joining our sunday night edition of sports wrap. not long ago, 49ers head coach jim harbaugh said that alex smith is still his guy and it seemed like a new contract for alex was right on the table. but now after courting peyton manning, 49ers are hoping they haven't overplayed their hand.
12:15 am
but today, alex smith met with sacramento for eight hours. the draft pick has spent his entire career with san francisco. he started all 18 games in last season's 14-14. but the first six years was a love-hate relationship with both the organization and niners fans. and coach jim harbaugh once said he wants smith back. but the 49ers courting manning has caused an issue. smith intended to visit seattle adds well, but today the seahawks and matt flynn agreed to a five year deal. flynn has been rogers back up. seattle hopes mat flynn is not
12:16 am
a one hit wonder. >> they have no seniors on the team. no players with ncaa tournament experience whatsoever yet today the cal women looked poised and powerful in their first game. cal met iowa very early this morning. a solid game too. iowa hasn't played in 16 days and they kind of looked rusty. this is lloyd with one of cal's 18 steals. britney boyd she's the berkeley native who scores 15 tonight. eight assists, she bang -- she bangs the three and puts the the game away with a smile. three double digit seeds
12:17 am
are moving on. north carolina state head coach godfrey has the wolf pack believing in cinderella. just before halftime,cj leslie steals. watch this trick shot by lorenzo brown, the fade away. over the back board and don't play horse with that guy. lorenzo brown, nc state could seal it with a free throw but no. so here comes the hoyas. jason clark squares up. not going to happen. number 11 north carolina moves on 66-63 and a team that eliminated cal, south florida bulls take on 13 seeded ohio kwraouft today in another midwest region -- ohio university today in another midwest region conference. bob cats reached the sweet 16 for the first time since 1964.
12:18 am
another great finish today in omaha. tenthseeded perdue over kansas. makes the dash to the hoop. kansas leads by one. perdue gets it back. humble for three. kansas get it is rebound. it's a foot race. taylor can simply run off. that gives purdue 2.6 seconds to try to tie it. no cinderella tie here. tonight the mountain hawks played the school that knows how to freeze out their folds. lee high fans are, that just must have been one painful tattoo session. here's your local angle.
12:19 am
lehigh in his final game for lehigh. frees ices the game for the mmusketeers. that's impressive. they will play baylor on friday. florida state head coach hamilton not too happy with the seminoles. dixon steals it and tries to shatter the basket. kixon hurt so good. now it's cashmere wright. yeah cashmere right, nice name. nice shot. number six cincinnati beats number six florida state. so cincinnati becomes the fourth school from the state of ohio to reach the sweet 16 along with ohio state where they play next. then it's ohio kwraouft and xavier. michigan state, i don't want to hear you players talk
12:20 am
about tough times here. and vermont greene hit as rare three for the spartans -- hits a rare three for the spartans. mitchell drives, scores. with 3:15 left and the bilicans is stealing this game. appling for three. talk about a soft rim. top seeded michigan state reaches the sweet 16, 65-61 over st. louis. they play louisville thursday.
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whenever the sprint cup race is at tiny bristol motor speed way tempers flair. and today even teammates had some words for each other. not a good sign either. things get dicey on lap 24, casey cain gets bumped by reagan smith. cane goes sideways. here comes more trouble. kevin harvick you see what he sees. cain finished 37th on the race. kyle bush he wasn't happy either. he finished 32nd. two members of the hen trick
12:25 am
motor sports team get into it. gordon later apologized. a young brad keselowski able to stay clean. keselowski wins. what does brad do? he celebrates by tweeting a photo from victory lane. welcome to the new media era. it's turning into the survival of the fittest today. that guy is carrying a duck. first we want to show you video of plank. he wasn't shooting blanks either. he finishes with an ace there but he's seven shots back of the leaders. third round leader started off enfuego. that's an eagle. he was part of a four way play
12:26 am
off. garagos dreams this 31-footer. garrigus earned a play off spot. luke birdies number six. 5-under 66 to get in the play off. sam moon bay eased this put to get in. 25-year-old moon bay shot a 68 he's part of that play off. all four guys finished minus 13 for the tournament and four others finished minus 12, one back. first extra hole, luke donald sinks the two foot birdie for the victory. new roger federer fans today as federer tries to recapture the match. roger was able to get his big serve and keeps the top american player all over. isner who beat federer on match
12:27 am
point. federer wins his fourth open worth a million bucks. sharks host anaheim tomorrow. san jose has been on a good role but they didn't like the news out of edmin gton tonight. that's good if news for the sharks fan. but phoenix scores two goals. then in an overtime shoot out, litny the game winning goal. they get two important points. here's the situation in the western conference. the three division leaders get in the play offs. dallas currently leads the division the one the sharks are in. they have all the tie breakers. phoenix sits in seventh place. eighthplace colorado, also 83 points. sharks sit in ninth with 82 points in. only the top eight teams go. so sharks are outside looking in with another 11 regular seasons games to go. they had hail and wind in
12:28 am
arizona. giants follow san diego 5-1. but madison baumgartner with three shut outs ♪ [ woman ] i was ready for my trip, but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below the enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment for a transformation that's hard to believe. ♪ wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips. and try 3d white toothpaste and rinse. from crest. life opens up when you do.
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i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t.


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